Mountain bikes are good for tar roads too.

For a trip without wine farms, our 15km Guided Mountain Bike Village Tour follows a circular scenic route around the village.  It offers beautiful views of the mountains, the wine and fruit farms surrounding the village and is relatively non-strenuous apart from a small incline.

After leaving the Main road of the village, the tour enters the wine and fruit farm areas behind the town.  We then pass close to the Berg River Conservation area before turning on to a gravel road which takes us through a fynbos rich area.  This area has recently been burnt and it will be fascinating to see the new plants that come up after the first rains. We stop at any interesting flowers we see for a closer look.  Be on the look out for raptors on this section. Jackal Buzzard, Verreaux’s Eagle and Fish Eagles are often seen.

We cross the main road before heading back towards Franschhoek for a section on the bike path.  We turn into one of the oldest wine farms in our area just before entering the village. The road through the vineyards is beautiful and scenic and takes us through to one of the newest farms in the area.  After cycling between the vines we enter the village once again and head home.

As an optional extra:  Should the mood take you, we stop off at our local Coffee Roastery for a cup of freshly brewed java and a sweet snack. Just the thing to keep you going on our last leg home.


Guided Mountain Bike Village Tours – R 750.00 per person (incl bike rental)

Guided Mountain Bike Village Tours – R 850.00 per person (incl bike rental & coffee pit stop)